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League News

NHL 2019 Playoff Simulation

The NHL playoffs have started, and so has our 2nd Annual NHL Playoff Simulation! Check out the Playoff Matchups page on nhl94online.com to see the 16-bit NHL playoff race unfolds! We will upload the games during the course of the playoffs.

Who will win it all? Last year, the Vegas Golden Knights won a 7-game nailbiter versus the Columbus Blue Jackets, with Marc Andre-Fleury winning the Conn Smythe. Can they repeat? Stay tuned!!

NHL '94 Tournament Schedule

Here is a list of upcoming tournaments where you can show off your NHL'94 skills:

April 13, 2019 - NHL '94 Tournament NY - New York, NY

King of '94 Documentary

The forum feed below has all the info about 2 important things happening in the NHL'94 world. One is a full length documentary about NHL'94, and the other is a live tournament called King of '94 that will be featured in the documentary. Check it out below! The documentary can be purchased from here

Active Online Leagues

This is a list of currently active online leagues involving NHL '94.

Classic '94 League

This league uses the original NHL '94 ROM. The regular season is 40 games and 7 weeks long, and the playoffs last a few more weeks after that. There are multiple leagues for both Genesis and SNES, to help even out the skill levels between players. This league is a great starting point for beginners to online play. We have a number of new coaches every season. The team selection process is random, so those who sign up the first day or the last day have the same chance of getting one of their favorite teams. The leagues normally range between 10 and 14 teams each, so this gives every coach a chance to get a good team. Registration normally takes place in February for the Spring league and late August for the Fall league.

Genesis Draft League

This league uses the original version of the Genesis '94 ROM. One of the longest running leagues on the site, it is a draft-based, stat-compiling league, similar to Blitz. There is a player draft held at the beginning of each season. Player and team stats are taken from the save states of each game and compiled on the website. There is a waiting list for new players if they would like to join. The coaches are held over from the previous season, but replacements are needed when a coach cannot return or fails to play their games. Visit the website for more details.

NHL '94 Velocity League

This league uses a modified version of the Genesis NHL '94 ROM with current NHL rosters. The ROM is weight bug fixed and features a draft at the beginning of every season.

Genesis 2 on 2

Usually used for some fun exhibition games with a modified version of the Genesis ROM. With only 2 skaters and a goalie on each side, it pits 2 teams of 2 coaches against each other. Join the Discord chat and join in on the fun!

*Please note you'll need to register on the forums to post and participate.