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Wondering if there was a website dedicated to the cult classic NHL'94 video game? There is!

We have a community forum, which is free to register linked above! You can also learn about how to play online against other players, find online leagues to join, information on editing and hacking Gens and Snes versions, and more! Say hi on the forums and see what our community is up to, or just browse the site to go down memory lane!

If you would like to learn how to play NHL'94 on your computer, please follow our Getting Started guide

NHL'94 Tournaments

Recent and upcoming tournaments where you can show off your NHL'94 skills!

NHL'94 Rewind

EA Released an updated version of NHL'94 with current teams and rosters.

Pixelated Heroes - NHL'94 Documentary

A full length documentary about the history of NHL'94!

Features a live tournament called King of '94 as well as the developers who made the game, famous NHL players from that era, and the best NHL'94 players from around the world.  Check out the forum link below! The documentary can be purchased here.


Active Online Leagues

A list of currently active online leagues involving NHL '94.


Screenshots from Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo versions.

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